Q: When I buy dog beds and put them in the washer they never look the same when they come out. Does your bed really come out the same shape?

Wash with no fear, just put the whole thing in the washer, no disassembly. It will be 80% dry just in the spin cycle, and YES it will look the same as it went in.

Q: Why is there no bottom on the Daily Dally?

There is no bottom on the Daily Dally for many reasons. 1. Your dog sleeps on the floor by choice because it doesn’t move. It is a secure stable space, the Daily Dally works great on the floor/carpet. 2. By adding a bottom you add crevices for mites, fleas, ticks to hide in, walk your dog outside? They will bring uninvited guests in. 3. By not having a bottom the Daily Dally can be stretched into the shape the pet needs at that moment.

Q: My dog has hip dysplasia, will this bed work well for him?

The reason the Daily Dally was developed was for my rescue Zuri.  At 2 months her prior owner let her run free and she was hit and run over by a truck. A passer- by scooped her up and brought her to an emergency clinic, her injuries were severe. She was in a cast from her hip to her toes while she had repetitive surgeries. The Daily Dally allowed her to sleep secure, support her head, and let her casted leg dangle out from underneath while the other leg rode the top. The Daily Dally supports the parts that need support and takes the pressure off of other parts. I get great reviews from True Faithful Rescue Mission, an end of life rescue,  on the beds I donate to them.

Q: I have an incontinent dog, I think this might work, do other people buy these pillows for their incontinent pets?

Yes, these are great on pee pads, and an added bonus is that fleece naturally repels liquids. And, don’t forget – just pop them in the washing machine and they come out mostly dry and smelling fresh and new again.

Q: Does this Pillow fit into kitty condos?

Why yes, the Daily Dally fits in most round cat condo perches as well on the flat platforms.

Q: What is the Daily Dally stuffed with?

Hypoallergenic Polyester Fiberfill made from recycled materials.

Q: Why do you only use fleece fabric?

Fleece is a tough fabric, moisture repellent, stain repellant, doesn’t snag, is soft, and comes in great colors.

Q: Do you sell these for cats?

Good question- of course we do! Ask, #Catloverescue in Los Angeles. We donate to their Cat Rescue and the Kitties love the Daily Dally! I sell about as many for cats as dogs.

Q: I am rescuing a puppy, will this be good for a rescue?

The Daily Dally provides just the right amount of support to make a pet feel secure and give them their own space while they adjust to new surroundings. It’s a perfect fit!

Q: I have an elderly pup, are these easy to get in and out of?

Yes they are, I actually have a series going on Instagram of the creative uses of a Daily Dally.  If your pet is hanging out on one side, have no fear your pet is supporting the parts that need to be supported.  It may look weird to you but I bet the pet is fast asleep anyway.

Q: Can you customize the print?

I am happy to customize with a fabric of your choice.  Message me and together we will find something that works for you!  I also have fabrics that are show specials and never get on the website so always ask if you don’t see anything you like.

Q: How long do they last?

I have actually thrown out Daily Dallys at 6 years old because I was sick of the pattern.  They still looked pretty darn good though!

Q: Can I get one with a bottom?

Nope, the whole purpose of the bed is to be without a bottom. A bottom would restrict movement, allow for crevices that mites, fleas, ticks can hide in, prohibit you from using it on the furniture, and not wash easily.

Q: Would Ceasar Milan recommend these?

Ceasar Milan probably would recommend these pillows. He is a big believer of an owner attaining balance and leadership and letting a dog be a dog. Unencumbered, and free.

Q: Will my Pet know how to use the Daily Dally?

The Daily Dally is best introduced with supervision. Some pets, especially big dogs, think it is a toy because it is portable so, just place the Daily Dally Pet pillow around your pet while they are calm and curled up, it make take one or two times but they will soon learn to relax wherever you place it. When your pet becomes accustomed to it for sleeping and relaxing you will find that they will sometimes take it with them! You will find in time that you will take it with them as well. It’s the perfect bed wherever you or your pet goes.

Q: Can I order a new cover?

We do not sell covers, there is no disassembly, no buttons, zippers, etc…

Q: Can I return it if my dog doesn’t like it?

If you followed the introduction instructions and the Daily Dally Pet Pillow doesn’t make your pet’s tail wag we will gladly take it back. Drop me a note, and we will make no bones about it. Customized orders can’t be returned.