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Your pet instinctively searches for tight spaces to sleep in, and they sleep a lot.  The average pet sleeps 12 – 14 hours a day.

The Daily Dally Pet Pillow creates that safe, secure space wherever you want to use it!

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Benefits of The Daily Dally Pet Pillow:

Perfect for Cats and Dogs

Our Pet Pillows are loved by dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs!

Train Your Pet with Comfort

Your pet will quickly learn that their Daily Dally Pet Pillow is where they can comfortably rest. Give them their own pillow so you can have your pillow back.

Easy to Travel With

The Daily Dally Pet Pillow can come with you, whether you are going in a car, boat, train, or a plane!

The Right Fit

The Daily Dally Pet Pillow is customizable.  Your pet gets the right size and you get the  best  pattern for your decor.

We Pride Ourselves in a Quality Design:

Great Quality!

Made with durable, washable Polar Fleece Fabric, and hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill made from recycled materials

No Hassles!

NO BUTTONS or ZIPPERS – NO assembly required

Easy to Maintain!

The Daily Dally will wash well, and dry quickly over and over again…The Daily Dally will not bunch up or fall out of shape in the wash or with constant use

Clean, Forever

NO BUILD UP OF DANDER, DIRT, or UNINVITED CREEPY CRAWLY GUESTS because there is no where to hide.

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Words from our happy customers:

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 1 reviews
by Octavian R. on The Daily Dally Pet Pillow

I got this pet pillow for my friend's dog and I am really happy with the idea, the build quality, and the design. I went with the white stars on blue pattern and can say I made a good choice. Whether you're looking for a pet bed and can't find one for your needs, or you're looking for a gift, you can't go wrong with The Daily Dally. It's the snuggliest fit for any pet!

More than excited about Cynthia’s product @thedailydally. I procrastinated way too long. Through Cynthia’s excellent direction, we have small for both of my mini-Schnauzers. @schnistergram_schnauzers If the girls could talk they would say these are their favorite place to rest. What a great idea and washable, easy care. We highly recommend these beds for you dog or kitty as soon as possible. These came really quickly in the mail too. Thank you!!!


This is my second order fulfilled with Daily Dally. I couldn’t be happier with the pet pillow/petbed. By far the best I have ever purchased. My dog loves to take a nap, snuggle in softness and sleep the night through in her pet pillow. The product washes well and comes out looking brand new. If you are searching for a pet bed then search no further. The product, Cynthia’s professionalism and her passion/dedication to pets are a trifecta for success! I highly recommend purchasing one and then like me, you will want to order another!


We were introduced to this company while at the Super Pet Expo in Chantilly Virginia. What an amazing product! My youngest pup puts himself to bed where he would normally just jump in bed with us… not anymore. He’s all into his Daily Dally Pet Pillow. We bought three! They are very durable and since we have a urinary incontinent Great Dane boxer, it has been tested though the washer and dryer once a week since March and it still looks exactly the same as the day we bought it! all paws in this house approve!

Jennifer Lynn Holdt

The best thing to ever happen to our dog ( besides bacon). With excellent coaching from the vendor we introduced our baby to this special bed. He uses it multiple ways and especially loves curling up in A secure ball. It’s such a simple idea that makes him so happy. And the cuteness factor is 10 star worthy!!


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